We strive to create the most beautiful property possible to ensure gorgeous, lush and healthy grass. We offer turf programs to best complement each type of grass. This is a year-round system to maintain a perfect lawn.  On each account, we take annual soil samples for processing to determine what nutritional requirements your grass needs. The lab results give us information about your property and the needs of the soil. We usually break the property into front, back and side areas. The samples help us determine more accurately what is needed to help your lawn thrive in each area.

Warm season turf grass management schedule:

Late Winter: We start preparing for the spring by spreading pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Pre- emergent control is to prevent the weeds and crabgrass from germinating as soil temperature rises. Post-emergent eliminates weeds that are actively growing.

Early Spring: A second round of pre-emergent and a slow-release fertilizer is applied to help feed the grass as it sprouts from winter dormancy. This is an optimal time to aerate and top dress.

Late Spring: Fertilizer is applied to continue feeding the turf and take care of any weeds that germinated.

Summer: A slow-release fertilizer is applied to keep feeding the grass without adding additional stress. The heat and lack of rain usually prevents from spraying for weeds, but if temperatures remain less than 90 degrees, we can treat the weeds without over stressing the grass.

Late Summer: This will be one of the last fertilizations applied to give your yard the food it needs to survive until dormancy.

Fall: We begin preparing for winter weeds by applying pre-emergent to prevent germination. This is not done if we are spreading winter ryegrass for a year round green lawn. This is also the best time to spread the ryegrass seed and to aerate.

Winter: This is the best time to apply lime to balance the pH and help the grass absorb nutrients optimally throughout the rest of the year.

Cool season turf grass management schedule:

Late Winter: This is the time of year that fescue thrives is preparing growth in the spring. This time of year we spread fertilizer and spray for weeds.

Early Spring: We spread more fertilizer and post-emergent to keep the grass fed with the appropriate nutrients. After march we won’t apply fertilizer as it causes the grass to become more stressed in the summer and causes more harm than good. If we overseed on your property we will not apply this pre-emergent or post emergent because it conflicts with the seed germination

Late Spring: This is one of the last weed treatments until fall to keep the grass from going into summer stressed.

Summer: This is the best time to apply lime to balance the pH and to help the grass absorb nutrients better throughout the rest of the year.

Fall: As cooler weather comes the fescue will begin growing again. To help it recover from the summer we will fertilize and also this is the time to reseed so no weed treatments will be applied. This is also the best time to aerate fescue.

Late Fall: This application will be for pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control once the seeds have germinated and are growing actively.