String trimming

String trimming is also known as line trimming or weed-eating. This process is done around the premises to maintain a uniform height of the grass in places mowers cannot reach. By being diligent in making sure all places are trimmed, string trimming provides a professional and finished look to your property. We use straight shaft trimmers because of their added power and reliability. One particular detail about our trimmers are their non-bump-heads. “Bump-head” weed-eaters disperse string when they are slammed into the ground while spinning. We do not use this type because of aesthetics and efficiency. When bump heads impact the ground to release string, they leave a very distinct circle in the diameter of the string. They require more labor and are less durable.

Edging and bed-edging

Edging fine-tunes your property with details for a crisp, finished appearance in your landscape.By edging the turf where it meets the concrete, asphalt and natural areas, it creates a separation that defines the turf area. We use “stick” type edgers because of their power efficiency in comparison to walk behind edgers. We ensure the best efficiency and edge by keeping fresh blades on the equipment.