Raking in the Spring is just as important as raking in the Fall.  Spring raking loosens up the grass and works on getting rid of thatch.  A deep raking removes dead grass and makes way for new grass blades.  Believe it or not leaving cut grass on the lawn does not cause thatch.  Lawn thatch is the dead grass and root tissue between the green vegetation and the soil surface.  Thatch is not good for your lawn because it blocks water, nutrients and air from reaching the roots of your grass and provides a nesting place for insects and disease.  Another way to help your lawn is to have it aerated. Aeration opens up the soil and lets in oxygen, and allow any overseeding and fertilizer to penetrate deep. This is a great start for your lawn and help it to green up quickly and keep it healthy.

Less Water, More Results

Summer will be here quickly, it’s time to think about how we can try to use less water and fully utilize the water we are using while keeping our lawn healthy and green. A good rule of thumb is, save water by making sure to water in the early morning and water deeply and infrequently.

Proper Fertilization is the Key

What keeps grass greener?  The secret of having a green lawn is providing it with sufficient nutrients like fertilizers and organic fertilizers, practicing effective lawn weed control and mowing your lawn at 3 inches high and on a regular basis.  Call Precision GreenWorks with questions and for a free quote at 706-201-4949.