mulchSo you finally acquired your dream house and there is nothing that you would change about it. The problem is, your dream house is 10-years-old and the landscaping could use some attention. The juniper that looked so nice when your home was new now resembles an out-of-control plant creature. The flowers seem to have a mind of their own and pop up in random, sloppy, configurations. The mulch has completely escaped its enclosure and is now migrating around the yard like wildebeests on the Savanna.    

Don’t Give Up!

Maybe your yard has been like this for a year or even as long as 10, it may feel hopeless; like you may never be able to reclaim your yard. Do not give up! Precision GreenWorks can restore it! No matter what kind of shape your yard is in, our professional designers can plan the yard of your dreams.

Yard Restoration

edgingAssuming that the grass is in good shape and the basic layout of your landscaping is in satisfactory condition, we can restore it! Restoration typically involves removing the existing foliage, repairing any stonework or retaining walls and adding irrigation. Now, it is important to consider that a restoration is not simply about making old yards look better, it is the perfect time to add new features. Now is the perfect time to add another zone to the irrigation system or that retaining wall you have always wanted. So before the summer is in full swing, give the experts at Precision GreenWorks a call. We can make you love your yard again!