snowThe calendar says spring is upon us and that means it’s time to get that irrigation system ready to run. Winter is never kind to an irrigation system so a spring inspection and tune up is necessary for peak performance. Nobody wants their valuable lawn to be brown and dead by July. With landscaping, drip irrigation systems are often integrated into the design and hidden among the foliage. Drip irrigation is a complex system of tiny lines, manifolds and nozzles that provide small, consistent watering of ornamental plants. If a drip system happens to be damaged from a winter of idleness, our technicians can determine if any repairs will be needed.

No Leaks

The main irrigation system in the yard must be inspected to ensure that no leaks have developed.  A leak can excavate an unseen void beneath the grass and destroy that portion of the lawn. An underground irrigation system can contain various fittings that can fail and create all sorts of issues. Most irrigation systems also rely on electric valves to control the water to the different zones. These valves can be victims of corrosion or freezing and must be inspected for proper operation.

Make it Rain

Once the system is given a clean bill of health, it is time to make it rain! At this point our technicians will adjust the heads for maximum coverage and repair any damage. This is just an abbreviated walkthrough of what you can expect when you rely on Precision GreenWorks for your landscape irrigation maintenance. Give us a call today for a free consultation from an irrigation professional!