It is officially the second day of fall! And like true Georgia fashion, the leaves are beginning to change and fall to the ground. We love the seasonal color! Trees, flowers, and plants can really add a great variety of color to your yard throughout all seasons, but it’s during fall that it requires the most work to maintain a lovely property. There’s a fine line between enjoying crunching the leaves under our feet and a cluttery, leafy mess. Precision Greenworks knows exactly where that line is because, well, we are precise.

Here’s How Precision Greenworks Can Help With Fall Landscaping

We offer seasonal color maintenance to ensure that the most beautiful colors are showing through during each season. This season is perfect for the changing colors of your tree’s leaves. We’ll visit your property to ensure that only the best foliage is there and clear out everything else. We’ll clear your yard by blowing leaves, grass clippings, and other debris to leave you a clean yard.

Here’s What You Can Do To Help Yourself

The simplest of all ways to keep your property looking pristine is to remove the leaves after they have fallen. You can do this by mowing leaves, vacuuming leaves, and raking leaves into a garbage bag. If you’re really on top of your yard maintenance, you can lay down tarps prior to many leaves falling so that leaf collection is easy at the end of the season. Simply pick up the tarp and your grass is leaf free! However, you don’t have to throw away your leaves. You can use them for educational purposes and crafts if you have kids, or you can compost, mulch, or recycle the leaves to further help the local community.

Give us a call if you’d like us to help keep your seasonal colors as beautiful as possible while keeping your landscaping in Athens precisely clear.