The end of summer is slowly approaching which means it’s time to consider our fall and winter plants for our gardens. Certain crops thrive at different times of the year. Planting different crops throughout the year gives you the opportunity for fresh produce year round, right from your backyard! Remember these tips if you want your garden to thrive: water your plants often if the rain doesn’t fall; keep the weeds out so your plants can enjoy the nutrition in the soil; clear your garden from debris for optimal sunlight access.

Check out the list of plants below for some fall and winter produce in Athens, GA. You’ll find the best time to plant and harvest each crop.


Plant mid-late August and harvest throughout October and November


Plant mid-late August and harvest mid-October through November


Plant mid-late August through September and harvest mid-October through December


Plant mid-late August through mid-September and harvest mid-November through mid-December


Plant mid-August and harvest October through mid-November


Plant INSIDE in mid-August, transfer outside in September and harvest in October through November


Plant mid-August and harvest November through December


Plant September and harvest October through November


Plant INSIDE in mid-August, transfer outside in September through mid-October and harvest in November and December


Plant mid-August through September and harvest October through mid-December.

Gardening is a great hobby that produces delicious products. It saves you from buying fruits and vegetables from the local grocer, but it can be a lot of work! If you’re not interested in the maintenance of gardening, but you’d like to still reap the benefits, Precision Greenworks is happy to provide gardening services for your home in Athens, GA. Call us today for more information!