Show your garden with confidence. Beautiful gardens are a great way to add character to your yard. Your yard and landscaping should represent you and your lifestyle just as much as your home does. The elements of your garden and the way they are incorporated are both very important things to consider so that you will have a plan in mind before hiring a garden service.


Light can have a huge impact on your garden. The placement of your garden, whether it is in direct sunlight, moderate sunlight, or shade, can have a huge impact on the plants you choose. Make sure that you pick plants that will thrive in the lighting of your garden space.


Texture evokes an emotional response, so it is a great idea to include plants of different textures and shades near one another. Let your garden service know that you would like a variety of plants with good textural contrast- they will be sure to have great recommendations.


Color has the ability to seduce the eye and make your garden design both serene and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose either a warm or cool color scheme to enhance your garden. Warm colors like red and orange are energizing, while cooler colors like white and blues are more soothing.

Let Precision Greenworks help you incorporate these vital elements into your garden! Call us today to schedule your garden services! Check back next month to learn more about garden design elements!