When it comes to gardening, there are a few tips and tricks we’ve come to know and love. Here’s our top 3 gardening tricks that we’ll share with you, so when we aren’t around for your gardening services, you can still ensure a green thumb touch.

Plants Love “Dirty” Vegetable Water

The next time you elect to have vegetables as a side for dinner, boil or steam your selection. Then, when your vegetables are at the perfect degree of softness, remove them without dumping the water. Let the water cool while you eat dinner, and then use it to water your potted plants. Plants love your extra nutrients from the vegetables. It’s like eating and drinking all at once!

Spray Lawn Trimmer With Vegetable Oil Before Installing

Next time you head to the hardware store to get new weed wacker line, stop by the grocery store and get a can of spray vegetable oil. Coat the new line with the spray oil before installing it onto your trimmer. This will help prevent the line jamming or breaking unnecessarily.

Dry Herbs In Your Car

As you harvest your herbs from your garden, you can dry them out to make delicious spices. The trick here is to let them dry in your car! The small space allows the herbs to easily release moisture. Keep your windows rolled and doors closed for best results. Not to mention, your car is going to smell delicious when it is all through.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Let these gardening tips help you with your yard maintenance adventures.