Mulch, pine-straw, and pine-nuggets create a neutral background that allow plants to stand out and help define bed areas for a completed look. All three products are used for more than just for aesthetics. Pine-straw, Mulch and Pine-nuggets help control erosion and also help hold moisture in the soil for your shrubs and plants. These organic materials are great investments in the beauty of your landscape as well as plant health. As time goes by, these mulch materials decompose and leave the nitrogen and other nutrients to breakdown into the soil for the plants use. Another advantage to keeping fresh applications of mulch, pine-straw, and pine-nuggets have the benefit of the weed control they offer. Before we spread any of these products, we clean up the property to ensure it looks its best. In the fall,we ensure the leaves have fallen and are cleaned up before spreading the straw or mulch. We also prune before applying these materials to help keep it cleaner for a longer period of time. The last prepping step is to spray the weeds in the bed areas to provide a barrier before the mulch or pine-straw is applied.

  • Pine-straw: We recommend pine-straw applications twice each year. One application is recommended in the spring and another after all of the leaves have fallen during the autumn months. When we spread pine-straw, we guarantee a clean appearance but removing any strings from the bales. We use long-needle pine-straw for better color retention and better tucking to look more professional than the ordinary “thrash”-straw.
  • Mulch: We recommend mulch applications once each year and a rejuvenation raking in between the application. We spread mulch year-round and remove leaves and debris before spreading. There are many different types of mulch products. Each has a different look and can be chosen depending on your preferences in appearance. Mulch is the greatest option for erosion control. Double-ground mulch: Almost all of the mulch we spread throughout the year is double- ground mulch. Double-ground mulch is a more uniform hardwood mulch that stretches further than single ground mulch, especially when spread as a re-application. We also have dyed double- ground mulch in addition to the natural color. We offer are natural brown, dyed brown, dyed black, and dyed red hardwood mulches as well cypress double-ground mulch.
  • Pine-nuggets: Pine-nuggets last the longest of the mulch products. We use pine nuggets often in accent beds to define the bed and help set it apart. Pine nuggets tend to float, causing a problem if drainage is not addressed before installation. Pine-nuggets come in two sizes: large, which range in size from 2-4 inches and mini, which are 1-2 inches in size.
  • Single-ground mulch: We have single-ground mulch available, which have larger mulch pieces than double-ground. It is less uniform, but good for extreme erosion control. It comes in natural brown only.