Custom Landscape Installation and Renovation:

Precision GreenWorks is a full-service landscape installation specialist company. We take our detailed designs and transform your property into appealing and useful landscapes. Our attention to detail and additional maintenance service after installation makes us one of Athens premier landscaping firms. By focusing on the larger picture of your property and the long term plan you have for your home, we develop a strategy to increase the value of your most important investment- your home. With over a decade of project installations completed, we have the knowledge and experience to make your dreams a reality. The installation process begins by removing any existing material that does not fit with the new design. Starting anew gives us the ability shape the ground, correct drainage issues and lay a solid foundation for the rest of the project. Some examples of installations we design and install are listed below.


Hardscapes are useful and add great visual appeal to a property. They provide incredible value for the return on your investment. We create timeless outdoor living areas by using natural stone and pavers to create driveways, patios, walkways, fire-places and fire-pits. Our services also include outdoor kitchens, living areas, arbors, swings, trellises and custom fences.


Softscapes are comprised of trees, shrubs, sod and flowers. We bring all of these aspects together to create your custom landscape. We install plants with the future of your property in mind. This includes how large they will grow, sunlight requirements and the maintenance required to keep them looking their best.


Grass propagation and installation is something we take pride in. Our success is defined by the details. By grading and prepping the site, we set the foundation for successfully creating a beautiful yard. We sod, hydro-seed and overseed to add beautiful turf to compliment your property.

Mulch, Pine-nuggets and pine-straw:

Mulch, pine-nuggets and pine-straw are used to enhance the attractiveness of landscapes by providing uniform coverage and setting a neutral background for plants to stand out on your property. Additional advantages of mulch, pine-nuggets, and pine-straw are their ability to retain moisture and reduce evaporation, helping to conserve water usage for plants. These materials also act as a deterrent to weeds and grass growing in the bed areas where there is a proper coverage. Lastly, the benefit of keeping the right amount of coverage is their ability to reduce erosion and maintain soil and nutrients. We use premium products and have access to many different types of mulch to compliment your property and your preferences.


Irrigation protects the investment for your softscapes. By making sure they receive proper amounts of water, your plants can grow and thrive. Different types of softscapes require different systems of water delivery and different amounts of water. Whether turf, trees, shrubs or flowers, we can effectively keep your plants happy and beautiful. We are experts in new installation, refurbishing or updating a system as well as troubleshooting, repairing damages and emergency services.


Drainage problems on your property such as erosion and low spots retaining water are hazards and wastes of space. Correcting drainage around your home is one of the biggest ways to protect your property. Water damage can be a costly expense that can be avoided by properly installing drainage systems to divert water away from your home. We address these issues by redirecting the flow of water and installing various types of drains that best correct the problems. We do not simply install drains, we strive to make the drains visually appealing and attractive. With every install, our designers start by assessing the drainage of the property and how best to handle the water flow on your property. We analyze which drainage systems are needed so the finished product is functional. This is the foundation of installing features such as turf, plants, patios, retaining walls and other projects. By addressing this at the start of the project, we ensure there are no surprises with the finished landscape.

Arbor care:

As a professional landscape contractor, we are knowledgeable of all aspects of the outdoors, including trees. We offer services including the installation of new trees, de-limbing and tree removal. We install trees of various sizes and varieties.

  • De-limbing is the removal of undesired limbs such as low hanging or dead limbs. Taking off the lower branches raises the canopy and allows more sunlight, airflow and visibility. By keeping all branches maintained above head-height, navigating your property is easier and safer.
  • Removing trees entirely are sometimes required. In many instances, we are able to take trees down more cost effectively than an arborist depending on the size and location of the tree. Eliminating trees entirely require grinding the stump, allowing better utilization of the space and removing the protrusion.

Land clearing:

Reclaiming overgrown areas for better utilization and for greater visual appeal is sometimes needed to best use the space on your property. We offer the professional machinery operations to best complete the task no matter how large or small the area.