Irrigation maintenance is a very important part of protecting your landscape plants and turf. Irrigation maintenance includes spring startup, mid-season system evaluation and adjustment and winterization of the system. Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your turf, trees and shrubs simple. To keep it operating at peak efficiency, the system needs periodic maintenance. A system that is incorrectly adjusted may not cover the turf or shrubs effectively, and may be watering your driveway or neighbor’s lawn more than your own.

  • Spring Start-Up Service: We start by checking the mainline water supply and priming the irrigation water line. We verify that each zone turns on and off correctly and test the controller operation. After dormancy in winter, the valves tend to stick, wasting water and reducing water pressure on the entire system. We check all sections of the system and clean or replace the valves when necessary. We adjust the irrigation heads for proper coverage and calibrate the run times for each zone depending on the plants in each area. Leakage and water output is tested to ensure a properly functioning system. Any repairs or uptakes are handled as needed.
  • Mid-Season Adjustment: Adjustment of watering times is needed as we transition from spring to the hot, dry summer. We check for leaks and the irrigation heads ensure proper. We level the heads and check the system for needed repairs.
  • Winterization Service: Winterization is the draining and blowing out of heads, rotors, valves and lines before the freezing temperatures set in. We also use this time to check for any updates that should be addressed before the next spring start-up.