Throughout the fall, leaves gather and pile up in gutters, causing drainage problems. We offer gutter cleanout to prevent water damage from ineffective gutters due to clogging. Clogged gutters will create a situation that can allow water to get underneath the shingles of your roof, and may cause leaks. In many cases, leaves are washed into buried drain lines that are difficult to clean. Clogged, buried drain lines can be an issue in that the water that is supposed to run off will collect, often times in the worst possible location like your foundation. Prevent both of these catastrophic issues with drain and gutter cleanings from Precision Greenworks.   

  • We include both gutters and drain lines in our cleaning service to fix all problems and assure a clean environment.
  • We clear off gutter guards as they have a tendency of getting clogged as well.
  • We will clean gutters and drain lines three times through the fall; twice while the leaves are falling and a third time after the leaves have fallen off the trees so the gutters are ready for the spring rains.